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Stress Relief & Creativity

Val says, “I was asked to do a short workshop that would make it possible for people to go home and use it to release stress. With the structured use of music we develop a different way to make marks on paper; we look at what blocks creativity and complete the workshop with an expansive use of paper and music. A delightful experience.”

Forget what you were “taught” about art and learn to let go of restrictions and obstructions that inhibit creativity. The release of stress related hormones in the body is inhibitory and the process prevents us from being able to express ourselves clearly. In this course we will take a look at how we can use music to allow us to let go of those restrictions and find stimulation in different genres- without any rules.

Val’s course on Creativity and Stress Release was originally put together for the annual Health for Africa convention and later used extensively in the corporate and medical sector through UCT Life Skills Department.

The course offers people from different walks of life a chance to have fun. It is ideal for corporates and companies looking for a deeper approach to corporate wellness as well as anyone who wants to learn to nurture their creativity.

Not more than 8 people per workshop, 3 hours needed – arranged according to demand.