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About Val

Val studied Fine Arts for seven years at the Johannesburg, East London, Port Elizabeth and Durban Art Schools. After qualifying in 1971 she travelled Europe, looking at the works of the great masters for a year. In 1977 Val took over the Modern Dance Centre in Port Elizabeth and ran it for 14 years. During her 14 year tenure at the Modern Dance Centre she attended workshops in New York, Paris, London and Hawaii.

In 1986 she put on a combination art and dance show at the Grahamstown Festival which was turned into a 10 minute TV programme for the SABC. In 1988 Val moved to Cape Town so she could study Movement Therapy and Process Psychology.  This led her to think differently about how to teach art and she began Val Greens Art Space in 1990.

Working with the University of Cape Town Life Skills Dept and Health for Africa, Val gave workshops on Creativity and Stress Release for groups in large corporations and hospitals and with groups at her art studio.

Throughout her working life Val has continued to paint and exhibit her art work. She has had 13 one woman shows,– including one which she was invited to hold in the USA in 1997.

Her work has sold world-wide and she is represented in the Cape Town National Gallery, The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum in Port Elizabeth and UPE Rare Books Library.

‘Val has moved to country in order to  have the time to paint and draw every day. She has written,  drawn and published two books -  ‘Whats the  Point” – following the ups and downs of The Point- a little figure who is an artist and struggles to find reasons to carry on making images, and ‘Wanda Woodhair meets Dani Nohair’ – the story of a vain, isolated beauty who, in a tantrum, cuts off her lovely, long hair and, through the problems which arise from this, she learns  to value more than her looks – and is lucky enough to learn to love through her encounters with Dani Nohair.

Whats the Point is fabulous for anyone who has tried to make a living and a life through painting and drawing.

Wanda has a broader range and can be absorbed and enjoyed by children and adults.